How Diamond Dust Can Make The Air Sparkle

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A wonderful weather occurrence that can make the air appear to be shimmering is diamond dust. 

Here, we'll discuss its occurrence and the most likely place to witness it.

Diamond dust

Diamond dust

How Does Diamond Dust Happen?

Diamond dust formation requires temperatures to be much below freezing, typically below 15 degrees, and is most frequently seen in the Antarctic and the Arctic.

It happens when rain or snowflakes fall as little ice crystals. The ice crystals appear to be floating in the air because they are so tiny.

In order for the ice crystals to sparkle in the air, it must also occur on a day that is primarily sunny.

They can even create stunning ice pillars and halo patterns in the sky.

The formation of diamond dust

The formation of diamond dust

Where To See Diamond Dust?

Diamond dust can be found elsewhere besides the Arctic and Antarctic.

The United States is the perfect place to witness this wonderful event.

To see whether you may catch a glimpse of diamond dust, try your luck during the winter in any state where the temperature is normally below zero.

Also, Yellowstone, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Colorado are a few places where the phenomenon has been noticed.

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