Extreme Heat to Sweep Across the Southern US and Mexico

Jun 27, 2023 - Views: 481
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The southern states of the US and Mexico are expected to experience extreme and endured heat through this week. 

Over the next few days, this heatwave will spread into states like Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Louisiana after setting records in Texas over the past two weeks.

The prognosis calls for temperatures to rise at least 5 to 10°C over the climatological average, with daily maximum temperatures of 40 to 45°C (104 to 113°F), affecting at least 50 million people. 

Texas's San Angelo airport has already seen two days in a row with temperatures that reached 45.6°C (114°F), which is three degrees higher than the maximum temperature ever recorded there.

Power grids in Mexico and the southern states will continue to be under pressure from this heat. 

Blackouts may happen due to severe heat

Blackouts may happen due to severe heat

The only state in the contiguous US that is not connected to the national grid is Texas, making it particularly vulnerable to power outages. 

Because of the projected high demand, Texas' power system operator has requested residents to voluntarily reduce their use of electricity.

The heat in Mexico has already resulted in 9% higher energy usage than the previous year. 

Many people in Cancun and Tulum are without fresh water and air conditioning as a result of reported blackouts. 

Local media has documented a number of deaths brought on by the heat.

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Rating:4.6 - 50Votes



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