Heat Records Are Being Broken Around The World

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Intense heat waves are hammering other areas that have experienced unseasonably hot weather on and off for much of the year.

It occurs especially in Europe and Asia, as the unrelenting heat wave in the central United States reaches its height. 

Both hemispheres often see monthly and all-time records fall.

From Portugal to Italy, the southern part of Europe is once more on fire. France recently experienced its warmest day on record for this time of year. 

In numerous other places, August and overall records were broken.

Heat records are being smashed in parts of the world

Heat records are being smashed in parts of the world


This year, and more generally in recent years, there have been frequent heat waves across Europe. 

Heat waves brought on by hot air over North Africa streaming northward are only getting worse due to drought conditions in Spain and other parts of the continent.

For instance, on Wednesday, a French observatory at 5,141 feet recorded a high of 86.7 (30.4°C).

According to meteorologist Nahal Belgherze, it reached 30°C there for the first time since 1895.

Japan and East Asia

Hot weather occurs in Japan and East Asia frequently

Hot weather occurs in Japan and East Asia frequently

A feedback loop between high temperatures and heated waterways is currently occurring in East Asia. 

Regional water temperatures are the hottest when compared to the global average. 

In several areas of Japan, businesses and schools have been closed recently due to record-breaking temperatures.

Tokyo has seen more than 20, or more than four times the summertime normal of 95 degrees, easily breaking the previous high of 16.


During the current wave of extreme heat concentrated in the central United States, more than a thousand daily heat records have been broken. 

Some of the statistics from last weekend, Monday, and Tuesday were difficult to grasp, including a Kansas heat index of 133 and a Chicago heat index of 116.

According to the Weather Service, Chicago experienced a heat index of 116 degrees on Wednesday, which tied for the second-highest heat index recorded there. 

In the Windy City, just one day of the legendary 1995 heat wave exceeded that number.

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