El Nino Causes "40C Scorcher" in the United Kingdom

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Brits should expect a "heat dome" this summer as an El Nino weather pattern forecasts scorching heat wave temperatures of up to 40C in the coming weeks.

In July and August, the UK is likely to experience temperatures that are comparable to an exceptionally warm June, according to the Daily Mirror.

The warmest months are typically late July and early to mid-August, and the consequences of the worldwide El Nino phenomena are likely to make 2023 another hot year.

A heat dome is on the horizon for Brits this summer

A heat dome is on the horizon for Brits this summer

Jim Dale, the senior meteorological expert at British Weather Services, warned that the Pacific Ocean's cyclical warming is to blame for the record-breaking global temperatures.

According to him, there is "every chance" that the UK will surpass the previous record high temperature of 32.2C by the end of the summer.

"The heat is not yet over," he said. It is for the time being because we are expecting two weeks of mostly moderate weather. 

The last two weeks of July are left, and then the first two weeks of August begin, which are typically the hottest part of the year. 

As far as the global consequences are concerned, an El Nino that is just getting started might cause us to enter another heat dome as we approach the last six to eight weeks of July and the beginning of August."

El Nino is the underlying cause

El Nino is the underlying cause

"We could receive those heat waves from North Africa once more.

There is a high possibility that the 32.2C from earlier this year will be surpassed; that would be a respectable peak in a typical year.” 

“Yet, maybe in the second week of July and August, we'll surpass the 35C threshold.” 

“The 40C is more likely in August than in July, thus that's a 50/50 possibility. But in terms of the summer, everything is still up for grabs.”

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