WHO Called for Global Climate Action Urgently

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In May 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) hosted a Strategic Roundtable on the Role of the Health Communities in Climate Action: taking stock and moving forward at the World Health Assembly.

Panelists there presented an urgent case for immediate climate action.

The implications of climate change on health are the most pressing reasons for urgent action, according to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Direct-General, who started the Strategic Roundtable.

“The climate crisis is a health crisis, fueling outbreaks, causing noncommunicable disease rates to rise, and posing a threat to overwhelm our health workforce and infrastructure.”

WHO issues urgent call for global climate action

WHO issues urgent call for global climate action

Dr. Vanessa Kerry, CEO of Seed Global Health, emphasized that we may adopt a more upbeat tone rather than concentrating on a more gloomy view.

"Before us lies a choice, a pathway to create a cascade of benefits to protect our planet, our livelihoods, our health, wealth, and wellbeing," she declared.

"We can have a catalytic impact across multiple sectors if we embrace a health-centered response to climate change, with smarter investments," she added.

In response to WHO's warning about the climate catastrophe, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Change John Kerry said: "There is no polite way to put it, the climate crisis is killing people." 

He highlighted that this decade is one for making firm decisions for both himself and President Biden.

Adnan Z. Amin, CEO of COP28, made a ground-breaking announcement when he said that this year's conference agenda would include a "Health Day." 

This special "Health Day," which will include a gathering of health and climate ministers, will provide a forum for discussion of the complex link between climate change and public health. 

Governments and politicians from around the world hope to increase public awareness of the direct and indirect health effects of climate change by including a "Health Day" in COP28.

Finally, governments, organizations, and both the public and private sectors are becoming more and more concerned with the need to build a sustainable future that puts health at the forefront of its endeavors. 

The WHO is also committed to participating in this. 

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Rating:4.8 - 53Votes



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