Tick-Borne Diseases May Spread Due To Warmer Weather

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When preparing for the upcoming summer, people may want to include some insect spray with their pool and camping equipment.

The peak tick season occurs between April and September, as stated by the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources.

According to researchers, ticks are expected to be widespread in this season; therefore, locals are advised to exercise caution when going outside.

People need to be aware of tick-prone areas, such as wooded areas and long grass, Dr. Richard Marconi, professor of medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University's Medical Center stated. 

But they are everywhere, he added.

Virginia experts warn of tick-borne diseases

Virginia experts warn of tick-borne diseases

Dr. Marconi advised performing a rapid tick inspection as soon as the patient returned. 

"Examine your body very thoroughly for ticks, and then swiftly remove them.

You have an extremely little chance of contracting an illness.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ticks can spread a number of illnesses, such as anaplasmosis, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and more.

Lyme disease can manifest two to three days after a tick starts feeding on the skin, according to Dr. Marconi.

In order for a doctor to detect the tick and any diseases it could be carrying after you remove the tick from the body, Marconi advised sealing it in a leak-proof bag. 

Wearing light-colored clothing makes it easier to spot a tick if it lands on you, which is one of the tick-infection prevention strategies Marconi advises.

The Centers for Disease Control also advise tucking your jeans into socks to prevent Lyme disease, he said.

"Even though it's not particularly sophisticated, it can act as a barrier for ticks getting to your skin."

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