Concern over Valley Fever in Northern California Due to Weather

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Valley fever, often referred to as coccidioidomycosis, is a condition brought on by a fungus that thrives in dirt and soil. 

Hotbed areas for the virus are in the Central Valley.

Yet, according to Dr. Stuart Cohen, co-director of the Center for Valley Fever, Sacramento and the Northern California region are seeing an increase due to recent trends in temperature.

He stated that the typical hotspots for the state of California are located between Fresno and Bakersfield. 

"But when the climate changes and gets a little bit warmer, the region we considered endemic—meaning the fungus can exist in the soil—continues to move further north."

San Joaquin County, all the way down to Stockton and Tracy, according to Dr. Cohen, may be one of the higher-risk places. 

Weather conditions cause Valley fever fears in Northern California

Weather conditions cause Valley fever fears in Northern California

Northern Californians are urged to take the hazards seriously by Rob Purdie, a Valley fever survivor who still deals with its aftereffects.

Not simply people are in danger. Inhaling dust particles that carry fungus associated with Valley fever can make animals sick as well. 

The illness affects the lungs and may result in difficulties with the respiratory system, such as a chronic cough, headache, fever, chest pain, and exhaustion.

Valley fever is incurable.

The best way to avoid exposure is to stay inside on dry and especially windy days. N-95 masks that fit snugly may also offer an additional layer of protection. 

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