Torrential Rain, Fires, and Floods Further Affect Europe

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This week, Europe has suffered additional blows from floods, fires, and strong storms.

With catastrophic weather becoming more frequent over the past few years, the authorities in Europe have been rushing to take action.

Thousands of people have been forced to leave as a result of the most recent occurrences, which have also caused extensive land destruction and injured dozens of individuals.

They followed the sweltering temperatures that blanketed parts of Southern Europe this summer, and in some cases, they even resulted in deaths.

Floods, fires, and torrential rains further bedevil Europe

Floods, fires, and torrential rains further bedevil Europe

Deadly Floods in Slovenia

In what Slovenian authorities described as the worst natural disaster since the country's independence in 1991, heavy rains caused rivers to flood throughout the country. 

At least six people died as a result of the flooding, and many have been compelled to leave their homes.

Wildfires in Italy, Cyprus, and Portugal

Hundreds of firefighters were still battling rural flames in Portugal. 

More than a thousand residents and visitors had to be evacuated due to the fires, and several firefighters suffered injuries while putting out the flames.

Wildfires happen in Europe

Wildfires happen in Europe

Greece has dispatched liquid flame retardant to the island in an effort to assist as it has also been afflicted by wildfires this summer. 

Israel has also contributed assistance, including ground crews, four pilots, and firefighting aircraft. 

Lebanon and Jordan also provided assistance.

Torrents in Norway and Sweden

The accident of a train on Monday that left three people injured in eastern Sweden was brought on by the heavy rains that have been reported in the two Nordic countries this month. 

According to the authorities, the flood weakened the embankment where the accident happened, causing it to fall.

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